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Strona Główna Produkty Piece Polin Automatyczne Załadunki
Automatyczne Załadunki Welkroft Drukuj

The system can be operated through all kinds of fuels

The system requires considerably less labour force. The employees do not have to be qualified. Suitable for breads to be baked on baking stone. The fuel expenses are extremely low. Allows you to carry out manufacturing in ample amounts using small spaces.

The ovens used are tube type deck ovens. The risk of defect has been decreased to the minimum level. Complies with the European standards. It is a high-tech system. The system is manufactured in two concepts including 4 and 7 decks.

Working System:

  • The dough is kept in brewing chamber.
  • The brewed dough is transferred to automatic loading machine through cart.
  • The working programme is chosen through the screen of the easy to operate computer.
  • The dough comes to the loading machines before being transmitted to the automatic peel.
  • Automatic peel brings the dough on the upper side and leaves it to an empty deck as per the programme.
  • Automatic peel removes the dough, which is ready to be baked, from the deck and leaves it to the discharging band.
  • The baked breads arrive to the cooling band from discharging band and there they are boxed (they are put in the bread basket)


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